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Diagnostics and Warning Lights

Engine management lights can come on at any time and can be the result of a number of possible faults ranging from the most common to the more obscure associated with vehicles from the Volkswagen Audi Group.

Therefore, in order to provide the best possible service, we have invested heavily in diagnostic equipment and training to keep pace with developments in car design and thereby providing the technician with the expertise to find and correct the fault(s).

Once the vehicle has been scanned and the diagnostic code(s) recorded, a full VAG print out will be supplied detailing the fault (where possible). We charge a diagnostic fee of £35.00 + VAT for this service.

Any rectification work required will be quoted for and permission sought from our customer before any work is undertaken. A further fee will be charged for this.



PLEASE NOTE:  The following is for guidance only.  Please phone for advice or check your workshop manual.

Warning Light


What Does It Mean & Solution

Engine Management Light (EPC)

This light could be either a glow plug warning light (diesels only) or part of the engine management.  The engine management warning light indicates there is a probable fault within the emissions / running of your vehicle.  Diagnostics will be required.  (Flashing lights indicate there is a major fault and immediate action is required.)

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)


Refer to your Owners Manual to establish how to regenerate your DPF or phone us for advice.  Do not ignore this warning light as your filter will quickly block and could lead to a costly repair.  For extra information see our DPF Advice Sheet

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)


The anti-lock braking system is a safety system that stops the wheels from locking up and therefore prevents the vehicle from skidding.  If the ABS light comes on it indicates there is fault with the anti-lock braking system.

Brake Warning   Light


The brake warning light can be caused by low brake fluid or the brake pads wearing low.  The brake fluid should be checked and topped up at once.  The brake system should be checked at once

 Also, ensure your handbrake is fully off as this shares the same warning light.  

Do not ignore this waring light as your vehicle will require immediate attention.

Battery Warning Light


The battery warning light indicates that there is a fault with your charging system and requires immediate attention as the vehicle will lose all power very quickly and your steering may go heavy.

Traction Control


The traction control light indicates there is a fault with the traction control system which is built into the ABS.  Diagnostics required.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP)


The electronic stability program light detects, prevents and recovers the vehicle from skids.  The light indicates there is a fault and will require diagnostics.

Cooling Warning Light


The cooling warning light indicates either the coolant level is low or a fault in the cooling system.  The engine may overheat.

Service Warning Light


This warning light indicates your vehicle requires a service.

TyrePressure Monitoring System


This warning light indicates the tyre pressures are low (refer to manual or phone for advice).

Oil Warning Light


The yellow oil warning light indicates the oil level is low and requires immediate top up with the correct oil.  

The red oil warning light indicates low oil pressure and can cause major engine damage if the engine is kept running.  Vehicle should not be driven.

Air Bag Warning Light


The air bag warning light indicates a fault with the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Warning Light.  Requires diagnostics.

Electric Power Steering Warning Light


This warning light indicates there is a fault within your steering system and requires immediate attention as your power assisted may fail causing very heavy steering.


PLEASE NOTE:  The above is for guidance only.  Please phone for advice or check your workshop manual.